Half Gallon 75 Oz - BEIGE

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Stay hydrated throughout the day wherever you go. These eco-friendly reusable gallon water jugs means never having to throw away disposable plastic bottles again. Keeping you and our oceans clean and healthy. These unique time-stamped water jugs track your hydration throughout the day, habitually reminding you to drink 8 cups of water. 

We all struggle with drinking enough water even though the benefits are endless, from clear skin, weight loss, appetite control, to overall health. The science is clear, drink more water, and the Muscle Pound gallon bottles will take the effort out of staying hydrated.


The unique non-touch lids means you can drink from your bottle without ever having to touch the mouthpiece. A simple button on the side ejects the cap and mouth piece for easy hands-free hydration. 

Made of eco-friendly PETG materials and is 100% BPA free, leakproof, and odor free.




During exercise try to drink 6 to 8 ounces of water every 15 to 20 minutes. If you’re working out for longer than an hour or running a marathon, you may need to consider replacing electrolytes. Again a homemade Isotonic drink rather than a sports drink will work perfectly to keep you hydrated. Sports drinks are fine, just watch the ingredient list and choose wisely.





With the embossed capacity markings and time maker, it is designed to remind you to stay hydrated and control how much water you intake throughout the day.




Staying hydrated helps with any fitness goal including correct hydration intake, weight loss, appetite control and muscle gain. It is a must-have water jug for sports, gym, fitness, camping and travel. This 3.7L water bottle is a unique Festival or Birthday gift for families and friends.




Wide-mouth designed makes the sports water bottle easy to fill with ice cubes or fruits and easy to make it clean. A removable straw with silicone tip makes you drink water more convenient and safe.






In a pinch, disposable water bottles can be very convenient. But that convenience comes at a high cost-disposable water bottles take up space in our landfills and pollute our oceans. What’s more, they take an incredible amount of resources to produce. Creating one year’s worth of water bottles uses up a whopping 17 million barrels of oil.

Before you buy a package of bottled water at the grocery store, consider your other options. Reusable water bottles are a cheaper, safer and more sustainable alternative to disposable ones





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