Half Gallon Bottle (Orange/Jungle)

$29.99 USD
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The Half Gallon Water 65 oz Bottle is designed, meeting your hydration goals. With motivational quotes and time markers on the bottle, you will always have an excuse to stay motivated to drink enough water throughout the day. It is a fun and easy product to meet any fitness goal including weight loss, muscle gain, appetite control, or overall health. Easy to drink design with a wide-mouth for inserting ice-cubes and removable silicone straw for convenient use. Made of eco-friendly PETG materials and is 100% BPA FREE, leakproof, and odor free.


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Great Product

Love it, except for the dolphin sound you get when you chug! haha

So my wife has a half gallon bottle too. Hers is wider, mine is taller. Let’s just say she likes mine better. The bottle is plastic, quality is good

4 stars because it’s nearly impossible to drink out of it without getting a bubble dolphin like sound that comes from the vent. You either have to let it drain in your mouth, or just deal with the sound if you drink it like a normal water bottle. My kids even make fun of me that I sound like a dolphin! Lol

Overall a good product, if the vent could be fixed to not make that sound it would be perfect.

Best 2.2L bottle out there.

I have tried maybe a dozen different brands and bottles almost identical to this one. I literally would pay for a bottle and then it would crack after 1-2 months of use. This bottle finally is different because the insulation will help prevent from a fall along with keeping the water cooler than without one. It isn't like a Yeti, but it looks nicer and is a perfect size. The biggest issue keeping me from 5 stars is that it really should be under $40. Also, the 1 year warranty is worth it. Very good quality, if they wanted to sell more I would drop the price. Otherwise, you do get what you pay for.

great way to keep on track

This is great for keeping track of how much water I am drinking....just didn't realize how big it was going to be. Also ... love the encouraging words instead of measurements.

you need this bottle

This bottle is great for keeping you on track to drink your water daily. And they come in such pretty colors. Made very well. Not flimsy. Easy to fill and carry.
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The texture was is very nice! It also has a straw ,pipe cleaner and a little fabric strap all in all its an amazing bottle ill be buying some for everyone to drink more water

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