Half Gallon Bottle (Transparent/Purple-Lid)

$34.99 USD
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The Half Gallon Water 65 oz Bottle is designed, meeting your hydration goals. With motivational quotes and time markers on the bottle, you will always have an excuse to stay motivated to drink enough water throughout the day. It is a fun and easy product to meet any fitness goal including weight loss, muscle gain, appetite control, or overall health. Easy to drink design with a wide-mouth for inserting ice-cubes and removable silicone straw for convenient use. Bonus sleeve with a fun design offered in two different patterns. Made of eco-friendly PETG materials and is 100% BPA FREE, leakproof, and odor free.


Wide Mouth

Wide-mouth designed makes the sports water bottle easy to fill with ice cubes and fruits and make it easy to clean. A removable straw with silicone tip makes you drink water more convenient and safe.


Straw lid

The straw lid, allows you to drink without removing the lid, enjoying spill-proof sipping or fast water flow.



The handle & strap is lightweight and can be easily carried to outdoor activities, such as cycling, running, fitness sports, hiking, camping, jogging, yoga and traveling.



Measurement Scale

ML capacity maker track the water you drink



Muscle Pound water bottle comes with the outer sleeve keeps the water cooler for longer






Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

My wife loves this so much she hadda buy another when the first one got trashed. Even ordered the replacement the same day the first one died!
"How'd it die", you ask?
"It got put in the dishwasher by mistake, lower rack even, and did not survive the incident", says I.

Short version - If you buy it, you'll love it too for the motivational ballyhoo silkscreened on the side, but don't try putting it in the dishwasher. Bite the bullet and buy an extra long brush to swab out the inside from time to time

Bob Iwow
love the idea

i am in love with the purple color and it is so nice

Other than the whistling, I really don't have any bad reviews

Great water bottle. The jacket on the bottle is easy to wash. The bottle itself really changed the amount of water I intake everyday, and for some reason it is just really satisfying to use compared to a glass.

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