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Flavoured Half Gallon Water Jug

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30-Day Returns

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Flavoured Half Gallon Water Jug
Flavoured Half Gallon Water Jug Sale price$50.00 USD

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marius muramira
Straw is not the best

Water doesnt come out

New experience

I have a new experience when I drink water. I drink a normal water with lemon taste. Its quality is good too. The product has everything that I need for the gym as well. I can have my phone, my cards and water all together


A relatively large water bottle with replaceable cartridges that add flavor to water, encouraging a greater desire to stay hydrated, especially during exercise and dieting. It comes with a strap and a mobile case, adding to the product's appealing features.

Franklin B.
It's big and it will kept hydrated.

What more can I say about this big bottle other than the features it comes with? It's a water bottle with a neoprene(?) form-fitting sleeve, shoulder strap, and a slim bag to keep your phone and other everyday carry items. It also comes with scented flavour pods, lemon, pineapple, and a third one that I'm not sure what the picture is, maybe cola. They're vacuum-sealed, so I only opened the pineapple one.

The screw-cap is a lockable pop-top to prevent leaks and has a straw built into it. These scent pods fit around the straw in one orientation, making installing them easy. I'm trying the pineapple right now; when you're drinking out of the water bottle, these scented pods give you a sense that you're drinking the flavour even though the bottle is filled with water. Well, that's what I think is the purpose of these pods: your nose smells the flavour, your mouth tastes water. It's a weird juxtaposition between the senses. I probably will not use these pods and instead use flavoured water drops or drop-in natural fruit. The mouth of the bottle is big enough for small fruit to be dropped into it but not big enough to be hand-washed.

This leads me to the last and final item that comes with this water bottle.

What I found funny that comes with this water bottle is the cleaning brush. It's long and flexible, but the brush is slim, and the bristles are so small and soft. To use, it would take forever to clean the majority of the bottle. I think it was made to clean the handle, but there is a problem. The bristles are small, and the formed handle is squarish, which will make cleaning the inside part of the handle a challenge, as you're never going to get into the corners without a lot of twisting while scrubbing. If the bristles were longer and more of them, it would work well to clean the inside of the water bottle if you don't have a dishwasher.